For the past 1,5 year we had a lot of fun blogging on SOLD OUT FOREVER. But now it’s time to say goodbye. We are too busy with other things to keep track of the blog, maybe you’ve noticed it already on the lack of posting. We want to thank you for reading, supporting and giving us amazing opportunities like visiting Copenhagen Fashion Week, giving away amazing goodie bags, visiting a lot of events and meeting our readers.

Now it’s time for us to spread our wings and explore.

With love,

Cecile & Pien


Since we are extremely busy with arrangements for our internship and work we decided to take a summer break on SOLD OUT FOREVER. Besides that, Pien is currently traveling through Canada & the USA while Cecile is working and enjoying the summer in the Netherlands. We will get back at you a.s.a.p. to give you a major summer break update! Have a great summer everyone!

With love,

Pien & Cecile

Like you all know we are big fan of series. We follow a lot of American series online, but unfortunately at this moment lot of those series have a break. Like new girl, gossip girl, the lying game, and on and on. But Pien discovered a really nice show a couple of months ago, which we are following now as well. It’s called SUITS and it is full of handsome men in, ofcourse, suits. The story is that a really smart guy, gets into a law firm without a degree in law school and from that moment on the adventure begins. So for everyone that doesn’t know what to do this summer, check it out! And for those who have some great tips for a new serie to watch, let us know!

like you all know we are hopelessly devoted to tea. In the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and also in bed.
So when we where searching the internet for some new tea facts we stumbled upon this cute little tea bag. It’s maybe not that new and innovating, but we think it’s totally awesome, and you??

designer; Nathalie Ponomoreva

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