For the past 1,5 year we had a lot of fun blogging on SOLD OUT FOREVER. But now it’s time to say goodbye. We are too busy with other things to keep track of the blog, maybe you’ve noticed it already on the lack of posting. We want to thank you for reading, supporting and giving us amazing opportunities like visiting Copenhagen Fashion Week, giving away amazing goodie bags, visiting a lot of events and meeting our readers.

Now it’s time for us to spread our wings and explore.

With love,

Cecile & Pien


  1. katielongtoes said:

    Hoi meiden,

    Kan niet zeggen dat ik het niet jammer vind, maar wel super dat jullie het zo druk hebben met andere toffe dingen!!
    Heel veel succes verder!!

    Liefs Robin

  2. nien said:

    Time to move forward! Blogging is so last year, hihi

  3. Bodine said:

    Heel jammer maar heel begrijpelijk! Succes met alles!

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