1. Contact us at about the item you want to buy, the size you prefer and your shipping and payment details.
2. Pay your amount within 7 days. The prices are given in euro’s. Items won’t be sold for prices lower than the amount on this page.
3. Wear your new item with love!

Take a CC design, is a young and starting designer who wants to make exclusive pieces for everyone. Each piece is made by hand and gets it’s own special treatment. As lots of you maybe know, CC stands for Cecile, one of the owners of SOLD OUT FOREVER. So we decided it would be great if you can order your own Take a CC design for SOLD OUT FOREVER right here. Take a look, make a choice, and just feel extraordinary in one of these designs.

Pied de boule all the way  Price: 40,00euro   Size: s/m/l   Color: black/white

Vain as a peacock necklace  Price: 12,50euro   Size: One size fits all   Color: Gold / Peacock feathers

Laced around my finger sweater  Price: 25,00euro   Size: s/m/l    Color: Bookable

  1. justmybraindrain said:

    We want to see all! Upload the batikdress and many more! Love them all! 🙂

  2. Babette said:

    Woh! Erg gaaf! Ben alleen wel benieuwd naar een aanfoto.

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