new week has started, we are going to work our buts off to save up for Barcelona.
What are you going to do? whatever it is we wish you all a great and especially for the dutchies a sunny week!

Love Cecile & Pien


It’s probably no surprise if we tell you we totally love leather. We think it’s sophisticated, edgy and can really spice up a great outfit. Real leather is a bit expensive, so we have a lot of “fake” leather. But this summer we want to buy a “real” leather outfit, preferably a leather short. Pien bought a really cute leather jacket and Cecile started to make an suede short. So maybe instead of a short something else for her. We are not sure yet, so time for some leather inspiration.


Like you all must have seen on many pictures, we both have very, very, very straight hair. Just like most girls with straight hair we always wish we had curls, just like most curly girls wish they had straight hair. Pien’s hair is still a little too short for fake curls, but Cecile can already make some “curls”. And hey.. it’s good to dream! What do you prefer.. curls or straight?


These gorgeous snow white looks are the proof that a plain white outfit doesn’t have to be boring!
We were actually never fans of the total white look, till we stumbled up on these outfits.. What do you think, should we give it a try someday?

Photo’s | via various tumblers

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