like you all know we are hopelessly devoted to tea. In the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and also in bed.
So when we where searching the internet for some new tea facts we stumbled upon this cute little tea bag. It’s maybe not that new and innovating, but we think it’s totally awesome, and you??

designer; Nathalie Ponomoreva

Are you familiar with the amazing artist Jackson Pollock?
He is known for his way of painting.. action painting. Yesterday we’ve tried this ourselves and we can tell you.. it’s pretty awesome. It feels kind of good to just drip around paint and see what your painting turns out. For now just a picture of us making our own Pollock, we will show you the result very soon!

 Ph. | Private

There are lots and lots of websites nowadays, for preference a lot of sites where you can collect pretty pictures. We all know and pinterest, but not all of you know “the fancy”. Cecile is totally hooked and has her own account for some months now. Pien doesn’t have an account yet and is still hooked on pinterest, but also thinks it’s a great site. Are you already on The Fancy? Start collecting those amazing images!


You all know how we love to travel to all kind of places in the world. But what we also love to do is keep an eye out for new luxury hotels and hotspots. While searching through the internet we saw these two amazing hotels which we really want to show you. Perfect to dream away with while your in the cold Netherlands!

The first hotel is the Elysian Hotel in Bali. Extremely high serviced, the staff will pamper you day and night. They want to make sure you have the vacation of your dreams! Well, that sounds perfect to us!

If this isn’t enough luxury for you we also found this amazing hotel, the Luna2 private hotel, also located in Bali. It’s Bali’s first beachfront private hotel. The hotel has just 5 bedrooms which means you have privacy enough! The service is extremely high, you’ll even have a private limo if you like. Sounds like a dream to us.. time to save some money!

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