Only three days left ’till our holiday officially kicks off! In the mean time we are having some pre-holiday fun in Maastricht, the south of Holland, with our classmates.
Have a great evening everyone!


Dear all,

first a big apologize to all our followers,we haven’t posted for a while, we haven’t comment on your blogs and we were a little bit of the radar.
Like you all know we have a very very busy study and we had to run our own company this year, so it’s been a very hectic time for us.
But we are back, and will try to catch up for lost time, we hope you all understand.
We will make it up to you by posting some cute DIY, nice shopping tips and much more.
And best of all, you can comment again, we put it back on!

Happy Holiday you guys
xoxo C & P

We had some spare time this weekend which means it was time for a easy DIY again. You only need a pair of old sunnies and a bottle of nail polish and start decorating!

Nailpolish – Essence | Sunnies – unknown

Ph. Private

A short feel good movie by Jonas Akerlund for Dior Addict with Daphne Groeneveld. Happy weekend!

We’ve found our internship, we’ve booked our flights.. the only thing left to do is to find an apartment!
That’s why we are full-time apartment hunting currently… We’ll keep you posted!

Ph. | Pinterest

YEAY! We’ve booked our one-way tickets… one step closer to our Barcelona adventure! As you know we are starting our internship over there in september. We will fly the 29th of august and are super excited to live there for almost five months! We’ve both visited the city several times and totally love it.. We can’t wait to eat tapas, drink sangria and enjoy the Spanish sun!

Ph. | Private

As we promised, the result of our very own action paintings! The first one is made by Pien and the second one by Cecile. Don’t hesitate and go wild and creative on a canvas painting!

Ph. | Private

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