You might know that Holland is a real cycling country. We both use our bikes for transportation and recreation but we never thought of it as using it as a home furnishing/decoration piece. Until we stumbled up on this picture yesterday. It’s refreshing, it’s creative and most important it put’s a smile on our faces! We as true Dutchies absolutely love this, how about you?


  1. Floor Geerlings said:

    How funny & cool!

  2. Judith said:

    Haha, that’s soo cool! I’ve never seen it before.

  3. dimitri said:

    It’s funny, cool, and very creative. It’s a brillant idea.

  4. Marieke said:

    thanks for commenting! yeah i told em they dont have to worry.
    wauw this picture is cool!
    my parents are lookin for a new bathroom design so i showed this to my daddy hahaha!


  5. Babette said:

    Haha ja dit is zeker leuk! Origineel ook!

  6. Bloggerley said:

    Sooo cute! have a nice weekend my sweets! xoxo

  7. Inique said:

    Inderdaad hoe stoer is dit! Hollandser dan dit kan bijna niet. Erg tof gedaan:)

  8. heartsandstripes said:

    geweldig! 😀

  9. zeker orgineel, maar een fiets is ervoor waar hij ook voor staat! Zeker wel een goed ideee!


  10. Lana said:

    Wat een geniaal ontwerp!

  11. This is fantastic. I fell in love when I saw the photo in Pinterest! Very original!

  12. Oh wauw! Dat is echt zo cute!
    Als ik er ooit de badkamer voor heb.. 🙂

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