You already know we love, love, love VOGUE. Of course we love to read it inside out but we also enjoy it by simply watching the covers. We decided to go back in time and watch some cool covers from the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. Looking at those covers you can see such a difference in appearance and style every other ten years. But you’ll also see that nowadays we mix all of these styles up. Take a look in the stores and you’ll see graphic prints like on the ’60s covers, romantic hippie from the ’70s, the retro ’80s look and the minimalistic look inspired by Helmut Lang in the ’90s. We love the ’60s cover the most. What’s your favorite?





For more covers you can click here.

  1. Bloggerley said:

    Love the second cover<3

  2. Jeps de allom bekende vogue covers zijn zo tof! Love deze post babes!

  3. I agree about the 60’s. It reminds me of all the fantastic Barbie clothes I had from that era – so detailed, elegant and imaginative.

    Saw you on the Nest Design Studio blog. I invite you to have a look at my blog, thanks.


  4. Yara said:

    AAAHHHH and can you believe there comes a DUTCH version in the near future???!!! Jajajajaja, daar zitten we nou echt op te wachten toch? 🙂 Great timing voor deze post meiden! Liefs Yara van Clinquante.blogspot.com !

  5. Nienie said:

    After all those years: still going strong!


  6. lies said:

    heel tof ja 🙂 heb laatst toevallig een kleine expo gezien over covers door de jaren heen, echt grappig om te zien hoe t verandert

  7. dimitri said:

    I love these Vogue covers.
    The 70’s cover is absolutely perfect. Beautiful model.

  8. Judith said:

    Oeh, i love the covers, especially the second one.

  9. Inique said:

    Ik vind de laatste cover het mooist, maar dat komt mede doordat die zwart/wit is en omdat die puurheid uitstraalt.

  10. Vind die jaren zeventig cover erg gaaf, die make up is zo mooi!

  11. S. said:

    aaah superleuk die covers! die van de jaren 60 vind ik (natuurlijk) ook de leukste !

  12. Some time ago I read the blog sporadically, but the last articles I’ve read have been really good, congratulations! I hope that the following are equally as good. If so, here’s a visitor for sure:)

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