like we told you before, we had a little study trip to Maastricht this week.
During this week we got the good news we passed all our exams, so now it’s
really time to start our holidays. Have a nice weekend you guys!

Love Cecile & Pien

Most of you know Pien loves to travel and does this as much as she cans. So almost every break she gets she tries to visit a foreign country. This time she went to Hurghada, Egypt. Because of the current situation in Egypt it wasn’t safe to make day trips to cities like Luxor or Cairo. Too bad.. but on the other hand a great excuse to visit Egypt again some time!

1. The Egyptian desert
2. With the bf in El Gouna
3. Snorkeling in the Red Sea
4. Spices in the local supermarket
5. Relaxing and enjoying the sun!


Last night we stummbled up on FATHOM, an independent online travel hub. It reflects the way that wired, global-minded travelers plan for and share their travel experiences. FATHOM is for those who tour the world spontaneously and deliberately, who combine business with pleasure, and who seek out the new while appreciating the familiar.
At the moment they have travel tips for Berlin, London, New York and The Hamptons, but they have big plans to cover the globe as fast as possible.. so keep an eye on this one, we definitely will!

A year ago one of us went to India/Nepal to do development work and discover the beauty of Asia.
In Nepal she visited the Royal Chitwan Park, a national wildlife park. It’s was so pure and an unforgettable experience she will never forget.
The park is the home of elephants, rhino’s, crocodiles, tigers, lizards and go on. But it also offers shelter to a whole population of traditional nepalese tribes.
Although a small part of the park is very touristic the biggest part is just one big oasis of piece and quietness. Humans and animals life close together, and we even had the opportunity to wash and ride the elephants, see some real rhino’s and crocodiles and just enjoy nature on his best.
For those who are going to Nepal anytime soon, you must definitely visit Chitwan.
All used photos are made by ourselves

Imagine opening your eyes in one of the most magical hotels on earth. Floating in the centre of a lake, enjoying your time in an exclusive hotel that first was a royal palace. Although it sounds like the perfect fairytale, it’s 100 % real. Located in Udaipur, India their is a hotel called Jag Niwas, a real life fairytale.
This hotel is made out of marble, is dripped in luxury, and is magical. Maybe one day we can go there, but for now we can swoon over these pictures.

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