Finally we can tell the great news; We have an internship. We are going to Barcelona from September 2012 untill Januari 2013. We got the great opportunity to develop our skills to become a great Lifestyle professional at Le City Deluxe. Le City Deluxe is the first worldwide private city Luxury Club, created especially to contact and develop actions destined to the public interested in the world of luxury. Everything is already official, the only thing we have to do is search for a good and affordable place to live. So if somebody knows a good place to stay, let us know. For now we just can’t wait to go to Barcelona to develop ourself but also to enjoy the beauty of Spain.

  1. It’s a great news. I’m very happy for you. Congratulations.

  2. lionessofstyle said:

    Gefeliciteerd meiden! Super verdiend.

  3. NINA said:

    Geweldig nieuws meiden!!!

  4. spoenck. said:

    I’m so proud of you galls! ❤

  5. chocandcinnamon said:

    Oh wow, congratulations! If you need any advice on Barcelona, any recommendations or whatsoever, don’t doubt on contacting me!


  6. That’s great ! It’s a fantastic news. Congratulations.

  7. heartsandstripes said:

    Dit is geweldig nieuws, gefeliciteerd!

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