The weather is awful in the Netherlands at this moment. We have a Dutch aphorism; “April doet wat hij wil”. That means that April does what ever April wants to do, and thats definitely true. One day it’s sunny, the other is cold and rainy. Summercoat, wintercoat, sandals, boots.. !! It’s driving us crazy, because we are sick of our winter wardrobe and the cold. We need sun, warmth and pretty cute “flirty” clothes. Now it’s May so maybe more luck this month. Not much we can do about it actually, but we can drool over these pretty summer inspired photos.  Do you also have a great hunger for the sun, or are you more of a “winter” person?


sources; weheartit

  1. clemence said:

    Holidaz in Turkey !!! Sun included every day !!!!!!

  2. Nina said:

    Neeeee zomer! I love you. Come asap please!

  3. I love these photos. They are so lovely and inspiring.

  4. lionessofstyle said:

    In mij leggen alle vogeltjes een ei🙂
    Mag ik ook een lente en herfst persoon zijn ipv een zomer of winter persoon😉

    • lionessofstyle said:

      in mei, haha omg..

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