We are head over heels with these three amazing jackets. We can’t even decide which one is our favorite. We would love to know which brands these are from, so if you know it please share your wisdom with us!

Ph. Pinterest

  1. Sofie said:

    Definitely the last one! Gorgeous!

  2. Hmm, de laatste of de 1e… Die twee vind ik allebei heel leuk, maar als ik echt moet kiezen zou ik voor de 1e gaan!

  3. Inique said:

    De 2e vind ik echt top! Apart en lekker stoer spijkerjack. I like:)

  4. dimitri said:

    It’s so pretty. The first one is my favorite. Very stylish.

  5. Nina said:

    Eeeeeerste jasje yes please!!

  6. Yasmin said:

    1. looks like selfmade
    2. is 5Preview
    3. is from Asos

  7. lionessofstyle said:

    De 1e is echt ge-wel-dig!

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