We are so truly and deeply sorry for the lack of posts lately.
We are extremely busy with school assignments, searching for internships and studying. We know it’s not an excuse, but we just can’t find the time or the motivation to post something every single day.
We hope you still have fun in following us and we will try to keep SOLD OUT FOREVER updated as much as we can. We have some fun stuff coming up though… Cecile will have her first fashion show of her own label next week and of course Pien will be there to help out backstage. More information will follow, we promise!

Please forgive us for not commenting on all of your amazing blogs.. we still try to follow your posts!


Pien & Cecile


  1. adele said:

    There’s no need to apologise…we all have busy lives & right now it sounds a very important time in both your lives. Keep us updated & good luck for the fashion show!
    Happy Tuesday hun xoxo

  2. ik blijf jullie volgen hoor! Gaaf je eerste show!!! succes.

  3. Ik ken het! Zo druk met studie dingen en alles lijkt wel tegelijk te komen! Succes met alles 🙂


  4. Nienie said:

    No excuse girls! Everybody is busy nowadays. So do not apologize but POST!

  5. Bodine said:

    Oeh spannend! Ontzettend veel plezier volgende week!

  6. Wauw een eigen show, wat super meis!
    Heel veel succes van het weekend, xxxx

  7. Heel veel plezier! Ik ken het gevoel jammer genoeg ook, bloggen is zo leuk maar school maakt het soms bijna onmogelijk… 😦

    liefs Mireille

  8. Nina said:

    No prob. School is ook belangrijk!

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