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We love nail polish, and we almost wear it everyday. But we don’t always have the time to create such beauty nails like these above!
Think we are gonna try to do this more often! How about you?


  1. Nienie said:

    Like the polka dots!

  2. nice inspiration! Die laatste is zo gaaf!

  3. dimitri said:

    Great nails ! It’s very original and creative.

  4. Flique said:

    De eerste en laatste nagels zijn echt jaloersmakend gewoon! Ik wil dat ookkkk!

  5. t33ndr3am said:

    I love the matte finish on the first nails. It looks so lovely! I’m really feeling the metallic nails at the moment, particularly those with that super smooth, glossy finish… I’m going to try to buy some of those nail wraps so I can get that gorgeous effect. xoxxo

  6. Lana said:

    Oeh die polkadot nails zijn leuk :)!

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