Yesterday we went to a lecture of London based fashion designer Paul Smith, hosted by industrial designer Piet Hein Eek. It was a very inspiring and helpful lecture, Paul told us about how he started a business and what you have to do to get big. He inspired us with some simple but great quotes; “you can’t do it, without doing it” and there’s inspiration in everything, if you can’t see it you are not looking properly. Paul Smith uses everything to get his collection in one piece, for example he takes inspiring pictures, looks at their colors and uses them for a new pattern. He was funny, he was straight to the point and he gave us the inspiration to even work harder and achieve our dreams!


  1. it was so nice sweethearts! thanks a thousand for bringing us ❤ much love

  2. Nienie said:

    Oh, great, I am only one handshake away from Paul Smith!
    Love his style.


  3. dimitri said:

    Oh what a great photo ! Mister Paul Smith, you are so lucky.

  4. Bodine said:

    Dat moet vast een gave ervaring zijn geweest!

  5. Ferd said:

    Your star is rising Girls, I don’t just like this. I LOVE THIS!

  6. Nina said:

    Heel gaaf meiden. Zou ik ook we willen! Fijn weekend.

  7. letizia said:

    lucky girls!! I’m so jealous!! I mean paul smith!!

  8. Lana said:

    Leuk en leerzaam :)! Ook leuk dat jullie met hem op de foto staan.

  9. Lucy said:

    Leuk meiden! Jullie zagen er ook leuk uit!

  10. Wauw meiden, wat klinkt dat super en inspirerend!
    En wat een mooie foto’s..
    Je mag wel zeggen dat ik een beetje jaloers ben 😉
    Fijn weekend!!

  11. Oeh awesome!! Zijn jullie dat :)? Leuke foto! x

  12. Die witte trui is leuk!! Paul Smith is geweldig hij heeft echt leuke dingen, alleen jammer dat het zo duur is 😦

  13. Inique said:

    Wat gaaf dat jullie hem hebben mogen ontmoeten!

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