You all know how we love to travel to all kind of places in the world. But what we also love to do is keep an eye out for new luxury hotels and hotspots. While searching through the internet we saw these two amazing hotels which we really want to show you. Perfect to dream away with while your in the cold Netherlands!

The first hotel is the Elysian Hotel in Bali. Extremely high serviced, the staff will pamper you day and night. They want to make sure you have the vacation of your dreams! Well, that sounds perfect to us!

If this isn’t enough luxury for you we also found this amazing hotel, the Luna2 private hotel, also located in Bali. It’s Bali’s first beachfront private hotel. The hotel has just 5 bedrooms which means you have privacy enough! The service is extremely high, you’ll even have a private limo if you like. Sounds like a dream to us.. time to save some money!

  1. adele said:

    I have been to Bali & stayed in a luxury hotel very similar to these. But what I loved about Bali was the amazing warmth from the people xoxo

  2. dimitri said:

    What a luxury hotel ! All is so beautiful. It’s a dream. Love these photos.

  3. NINA. said:

    Wanneer gaan jullie boeken? Ik ga mee!!!

  4. Babette said:

    haha maak me maar lekker met die foto’s. Als ik hier naar buiten kijk dan regent het!

  5. Floor Geerlings said:

    wow, what a luxury. I want to go there!

  6. Jet said:

    Echt een heerlijke foto’s! Ik hou ook zo van reizen!

  7. Bodine said:

    Erg mooi! Maar een beetje out of reach 😉

  8. I need some vacations!!! These is perfect!! Amazing hotels!

  9. Lily said:

    I want some of that too!!!! Oh gosh I ned to lie down in a cabana like in the first pic, and snooze all day long, and then jump in the pool and then go out for sleep again. A girl can dream!
    Happy Holidays! xoxo Lily @ http://lilyonthewater.livejournal.com

  10. Als jullie nog een reisgenoot zoeken, bied ik me bij deze aan!
    Die 5 slaapkamers en prive limo moeten natuurlijk wel gevuld worden 😉

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