Remember those extra ordinary shoes, Cecile bought some days ago? They are finally here… so she is very happy and of course we wanted to share them with you!! they may not have the best quality ever but they look amazing, and if you ever order on vj-style remember they come really small. Cecile has normally a size 4 so 36 in europe, but she ordered them in 37 and they are just perfect now.
We would love to hear your opinion about the shoes, and the way she is wearing them!
Love Pien & Cecile

  1. Paulien said:

    Nice shoes, I love them!



  2. fashionisaparty said:

    super cool!

  3. Lana said:

    Leuke schoenen bij een leuke outfit. Ze zijn geïnspireerd op die schoenen van Alexander Wang toch?

  4. helena said:

    Ze zien er heeeel mooi uit!

  5. dimitri said:

    Those shoes are very stylish. I love it.

  6. Aisha said:

    Very Cute; I love the cut heel and chain detail.

  7. Flique said:

    Ooohhh I love those so much, but never took the chance to order them because I didn’t think VJ Style looks very reliable. But I guess I was wrong then? Maybe I’ll just give it a try! Thanks for the size-advice!

    Oh and I love the sweater also!

  8. You wear them with proud babe! Ze zijn zoo mooooooi
    snel een winterwonderlanddate met z’n drietjes!

  9. great shoes, they are very unique – i love it!!:-)

    i like your blog very much- keep up the good work!!


  10. Iris said:

    So much love for these boots! xx

  11. heartsandstripes said:

    Ze zien er echt stoer uit! Ook leuk gecombineerd met die trui
    en welk filmpje met die baby bedoel je precies op mijn blog? :p

  12. Laura said:

    Wooooow girls!! Love them!! How’s the material?? I was really thinking about getting them when you first talked about them, but seeing them in “real life” now Im even more convinced!

  13. Miranda said:

    love the outfit, the shoes are great! XOXO

  14. DIE WIL IK OOK!!
    Wat zijn die onwijs vet, die hak, dat kettinkje..
    In 1 woord WAUW!!

  15. S. said:

    wauw ben jaloers! supermooi !

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