Tonight we are giving a big party for all our dear friends from Tilburg. Cecile’s birthday was on october 17th and Pien’s will be on the 27th of november. So we thought today would be striking the golden mean. The party will start at Cecile’s house with cocktails, snacks and hopefully lots of laughter. Afterwards we will go the city to dance and party and make it a great SOLD OUT FOREVER night. Of course we will show you everything tomorrow!

source by clicking the pictures

  1. Ferd Geerlings said:

    Have a great time and lost of fun!

  2. Bloggerley said:

    Ik heb er zin in liefkes! xo

  3. dimitri said:

    Have a great time, These photos are so lovely.

  4. Nienie said:

    Have a nice evening girls!


  5. spoenck. said:

    Party hardy tonight!!!

  6. heartsandstripes said:

    Oeh, very nice! Have fun you two and congrats! xx

  7. Rock on tonight girls!!! Fantastic shoes!!! dance, dance…

  8. Judith said:

    That sounds very nice! Have fun girls šŸ™‚

  9. Floor Geerlings said:

    have a wonderful evening! xoxo

  10. Inique said:

    Nog van harte gefeliciteerd Cecile en ook voor Pien (bijna):) Veel plezier vanavond!

  11. Laura said:

    Nog gefeliciteerd girls!! En maak er een super avond van, enjoy!!

    X Laura

  12. Meiden heel erg veel plezier!
    Benieuwd naar de foto’s en de outfits šŸ™‚
    En Pien, sushi is zo lekker, je weet niet wat je mist šŸ˜‰
    Cecile heel veel plezier morgen met sushi eten met je huis!!

  13. sklee26 said:

    beautiful photos!


  14. Jet said:

    Nou wat toevallig! Ik ben ook 27 november jarig haha. Gefeliciteerd allebei! Liefs x

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