Remember our inspiration post from a couple days ago? We are totally in love with that black collar, and we decided we need one for ourselves. So time to get behind the sewing machine and make our own collar. We wanted one with a tough rim and added some studs to it. We think it’s great, what do you think about our selfmade collar?

We are making more collars with all different looks, so stay tuned because maybe you want to order one for yourself!

  1. Iris said:

    Oh you girls are so cool!! X Iris

  2. dimitri said:

    It’s very nice, so stylish. I like it.

  3. Juls said:

    oh I love it!!! this is so cute! this might be so nice over tshirts. xoxo

  4. spoenck. said:

    Ohh.. wanneer kun je deze bestellen in de shop? 🙂 Love it!

  5. Floor Geerlings said:

    wow looks amazing!

  6. Babette said:

    Geweldig! Zou willen dat ik zo creatief was!!

  7. Inique said:

    Knap gedaan meiden! Ik vind het echt een hele goede uitvinding:) Zo maak je een saai truitje toch nog een ware eye catcher.

  8. Bloggerley said:

    Echt heeel schattig!! love it

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