Love live, love clothing a great slogan from a great webshop we definitely wanted to share with you. is a great webshop for women and men. The sell almost everything from shoes to jewelry and from outwear to nightwear. The prices are for al different purses and they have an excellent service. Did you ever heard from them before? We didn’t but we are very pleased we found them. If you don’t want to miss any of their great offers you should follow them on twitter.

  1. Nina said:

    Oooooh daar ga ik eens even een kijkje nemen! Leuk leuk! Xx

  2. Inique said:

    Daar ga eveneens eens een kijkje nemen:) ziet er allemaal erg leuk uit! Toffe kleding:)

  3. Very nice lookbook! Thanks for introducing them, had no idea x

  4. dimitri said:

    It’s a great lookbook. The colors, and this style are so interesting.
    It’s stylish.

  5. Yara said:

    Nooit eerder van gehoord inderdaad, ik ga eens kijken! Liefs yara

  6. Nog nooit van gehoord, maar ga zeker eens een kijkje nemen!

  7. Floor Geerlings said:

    Checking it out right now!

  8. spoenck. said:

    Wooooow look at all those comments! 🙂 You’re doing such a good job ladies!

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