While surfing through the internet, Bernice, a friend of ours pointed out the web shop NASTY GAL. We where  immediately fan of these beautiful pieces. NASTY GAL offers a wide selection of the most desirable and coveted vintage clothing and accessories available online, as well as unique new designer pieces.
And this all is created by Sophia Amoruso, stylist and owner of NASTY GAL. We think every girl should have a piece in her closet, what do you think?

  1. Love the cute pink miniskirt ! I love this brand, it’s in my favorite. But I don’t have any piece in my closet…yet !

  2. Bloggerley said:

    Nice! I’ll keep an eye on it!

  3. Floor Geerlings said:

    nice stuff!

  4. dimitri said:

    These pieces are really great. I love the colors.

  5. Woow! so lovely looks! colorful and usable in many occasions!

    Have a nice week girls!

  6. Inique said:

    Mooie merk! Vooral dat zwarte jurkje is helemaal top:)

  7. heartsandstripes said:

    Zie mezelf wel 1 van die blousjes dragen, heel mooi!

  8. Wat een gave kleren, als ik tijd heb moet ik echt een kijkje gaan nemen.
    Ben de webshop al op meer blogs tegen gekomen en stuk voor stuk leuke kleding!

  9. Sabrina said:

    Love the first dress! :):) i’m following you on FB 🙂

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