Each and every one of us has a dream. Some big, some small but we all have one, or maybe more.
For us personally a dream means nothing unless you are trying to make it real. That’s actually one of the reasons why we started SOLD OUT FOREVER. We wanted to be a part of the fashion/design world and now we are. Although we are just little players in a big world we love the fact that we can share things with our dear followers and get feedback of all of you. This quote of J.M. Power is a great inspiration for us, we hope it will inspire you as well!

  1. Never stop living uour dreams, girls ♥ ♥ !

  2. dimitri said:

    Great post. It’s very interesting.

  3. Couldn’t agree more with you; a dream can be only a dream or it can turn into your reality. It’s our own choice.

  4. Olivia said:

    Oooh I love this! Wonderful inspiration!

  5. heartsandstripes said:

    Leuke quote! Ik denk dat ik hem boven mijn spiegel ga hangen, het geeft je echt motivatie om door te zetten

  6. Bloggerley said:

    So true! x

  7. Inique said:

    Niks meer aan toe te voegen! Dit sterkt je weer in je motivatie om te dromen te realiseren:)
    Complimenten voor jullie blog.

  8. Melanie said:

    Wel een goeie quote voor op mijn nachtkastje 😉

  9. So true, en je dromen nooit opgeven.
    Play hard, work hard en ooit komen ze uit!

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