Last night we came home with a pleasant surprise waiting for us.
A surprise from TIGI! They send us some of their different products to try them out.
We already were TIGI fans so this is a great expansion to our hair products collection!
They translate fashion trends into an image statement. Whether your personal vision is to be a rockstar, a glamour queen or a sophisticated business woman, TIGI has a product for it.
We can’t wait to try them all out…Thank you TIGI!

  1. dimitri said:

    You are very lucky, it’s great ! Their products are really nice.

  2. Amber said:

    Ah wat leuk. Komen er reviews over? Leuk zeg dat ze dat opsturen, mazzelaars hihi.


  3. Babette said:

    Super leuk! 🙂 Ben benieuwd naar een review!

  4. heartsandstripes said:

    Wat leuk dat jullie die gekregen hebben! Veel uittestplezier zou ik zeggen!

  5. Liv said:

    You guys are so lucky- cant wait to see your reviews of the products.

  6. Bloggerley said:

    lucky you! ❤

  7. Wat leuk zeg, zo’n pakketje!
    Heb nog nooit van Tigi gehoord, is het fijn spul?

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