Some company’s just immediately catch your eye. LEXINGTON AVENUE is one of them. They are convinced that fashion don’t have to be expensive and when taking a look at their webshop you’ll be convinced as well!

  1. Anne said:

    How cute?! These kind of accecoires can also be bought at H&M at the moment! Okey.. a little bit less pretty, but also a bit cheaper!

  2. clemence said:

    Very nice ! 🙂

  3. dimitri said:

    So lovely, great necklace. It’s very stylish.

  4. Love their stuff but I don’t see that they ship to the US 😦

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  5. Normaal ben ik helemaal niet van het goed, maar dit vind ik erg sweet en leuk!

  6. Liza said:

    Heel leuk! Hou zelf meer van dat oude goud en brons, maar ik weet zeker dat ze dat ook in de webshop hebben! Ik ga zeker even een kijkje nemen!

  7. Bloggerley said:

    This is cuteeeeeeee! just like u guys hihi

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