Take a CC design, is a young and starting designer who wants to make exclusive pieces for everyone. Each piece is handmade and gets it’s own special treatment. As lots of you maybe know, CC stands for Cecile, one of the owners of SOLD OUT FOREVER. So we decided it would be great if you can order your own Take a CC design for SOLD OUT FOREVER right here. Take a look, make a choice, and just feel extraordinary in one of these designs.

This sweater is the first one to enter our shop, and if you want to order it.. click here!

  1. letizia said:

    hey! I’m following you too on bloglovin’ !! have a great day girls !

  2. Ramona said:

    Superrr! Ik ga deze webshop zeker in de gaten houden! Keep up the good work! Love<3

  3. Bloggerley said:

    LOVE IT, good job!

  4. dimitri said:

    It’s so nice, i love it.
    Have a nice week.

  5. Ow wat gaaf! Ik moet nu voor school een jurkje naaien en ik kan het absoluut niet.
    Heel veel respect hiervoor 🙂

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