Imagine, you are driving on the highway for a long time… it’s grey, it’s boring and you have almost constantly the same view. Well not in Germany.
You know those bridges above the highway? The German went creative with it. The one on the picture says Ich bin voller Ideen, or in english, I am full of ideas. We spotted this almost a year ago but still wanted to share this with you. It are the little things in life that make you smile, right?
Have a wonderful day, full of ideas!

  1. En dan zeggen ze ,dat Duitsers saai zijn 🙂 !

  2. letizia said:

    little things make us smile, I agree with that!
    have a great we girls !

  3. Babette said:

    Leuk dat je dankzij mijn post zin krijgt om te dansen. 🙂
    Wat betreft jouw foto, ze zouden overal een positief bericht om moeten zetten.
    Net zoals die gele post it plakkertjes. Ieder moment van de dag een fijne boodschap!

  4. Floor said:

    great idea, we should send these messages more often! Keep up the positive spirit!

  5. Amber said:

    Heel leuk idee van de Duitsers, balen als je 130 daar rijdt dan je het dan niet kan lezen waarsch haha.


  6. YES, little things always make me smile. I enjoy little moments in life too.
    Have a great weekend girls.


  7. sas said:

    wauw, indrukwekkend!

  8. Love this idea.. actually makes the picture so much brighter, even though the weather looks a bit sad.. wish norway would do something like this!

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