As you might know, MONKI finally has an online shop. We selected our favorite pieces.. time for some online shopping!

  1. Nienie said:

    Nice, thank you for sharing this with us.


  2. Melanie said:

    Heerlijk! Maar weet je hoe hun kleren vallen?xx

  3. Floor Geerlings said:


  4. Marijke said:

    Dat kleedje heb ik gepast! Viel een klein beetje tegen, maar ik heb er stiekem toch spijt van dat
    ik het niet heb meegenomen.

  5. Fashion said:

    Thankyou for such informative post, hope we will get more from you. Regards 🙂

  6. Do you have Monki where you live? we have it every where here in Oslo as it is scandinavian and gah it has saved my wardrobe!
    The cape is really nice in real too, if it weren’t for the fact that its kind of thin I would get it..

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