Remember our post about our new purchases we ordered at ASOS?
It came in this week and we are totally in love with this extraordinary hair accessory.
Just make a high ponytail and put it in to spice up your look. What do you guys think?

  1. clemence prevoo said:

    Waar halen jullie het allemaal vandaan🙂 ? Altijd weer iets nieuws, petje af, hoor❤ !!!!

  2. Nienie said:

    Be very carefull when wearing this.
    If the jewel get caught you ears can really hurt.


  3. dimitri said:

    This hair accessory is really perfect.
    Nice style.

  4. JO said:

    Yes, you’re absolutely right🙂 Fun and Love and Friends🙂 OH, and of course shopping🙂

    Have a nice week🙂

  5. jonne said:

    dankjee voor je reactie(: en ja die foto’s heb ik zelfgemaakt(:
    leuke blog!

  6. Marie said:

    Ziet er nog wel leuk uit ^^.

  7. Siel said:

    Ik had ze gezien op asos toenertijds🙂
    Staat erg chic!

  8. Eliza said:

    Love the ear cuff with the chain! Very fun!😀

    Thank you so much for your comment on my t-shirt idea!😀

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