Last thursday ’till saturday Pien was in London with International Lifestyle Studies. She won this because she was one of the top five school bloggers of the past year. Together with four other students, our teacher and trend watcher Carl Rhode known from Science of the time she went on a inspiring trip through this awesome city. It was a great experience to visit all kinds of different places. From a luxury shopping mall to the most poor area around London, we’ve seen it all. Just take a look at the pictures, they speak more than thousand words!

  1. Anna said:

    What an incredible experience for her – More than anything though these pictures make me so so excited for when I get to visit London next year 🙂 your pictures really do speak more than a thousand words!

    Anna xo

  2. dimitri said:

    Oh yes London, i love this city.
    Love these pictures. x

  3. Floor Geerlings said:

    leuke foto’s! vooral die eerste ❤

  4. Noortje said:

    Wat gaaf om zoiets te winnen!
    En dan nog door Londen gaan met een trendwatcher.
    I’m jealous!

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