A few weeks ago we received an e-mail that we we’re the lucky winners of a dining voucher in a michelin star restaurant. Last night was the night we went out for fine dining. An impression of our night…

Dressing up. Nervously cruising towards the restaurant in Pien’s convertible . Shake hands with the waitress. Drinking delicious, and expensive, prosecco. First course. Whoo, this is good! Second course. What the hell is this? Third course. How do I eat this? Fourth course. Jesus everyone is so quite in here. Are we speaking to loud? Fifth course. How do I eat this properly? Sixth course. Hmm, not really my thing. Wait, is the waitress wearing flip flops? Seriously, in a michelin star restaurant? Seventh course. I’m so full. Eight course. Gimme more of that delicious dessert! Lots of laughing. Lots of ‘are we acting okay’ moments. And on top of it all.. we forgot to tip the waitress since we were paying with the voucher and a card… Big shame on us.

  1. kimberley Schouten said:

    hmmmm jammie! hopelijk hebben jullie genoten girls!

  2. Jullie lijken niet misplaatst hoor ! Mooie meisjes in een mooi restaurant 😉 !
    Jullie hebben toch wel met mes en vork gegeten 😉 ♥ ♥ ♥

  3. Leuk! Fijn om dat eens mee te maken zonder de rekening te hoeven betalen 😉 liefs xx (en bedankt voor de stem!)

  4. Ricky said:

    How lovely!

  5. dimitri said:

    This restaurant is great.
    Everything look so delicious. xx

  6. Good lord and 8 course dinner?? I’ve had 5 courses and was in dire need of a wheel barrow to scoot me out of there! I have a love hate relationship w/fancy restaurants. I love getting dolled up to go there (and w/a coupon) it is even better! But it is always so quiet and when I go w/my friends we like to chat, drink wine, and laugh…and here is the buzz kill. Since I don’t frequent 5 star restaurants all the time, I want to take pictures of the food… Yeah I know the ghetto-fabulousness has come out! I cringe yet laugh at the same time as each course arrives and I want to snap a pix 😀

  7. Liv said:

    Love this post, I can just see me best friend and I having the same experience, we’re always getting into adventures when we get together.

    Liv @

  8. Jara said:

    Ah leuk! En wow acht gangen, bikkels!

  9. sharemymoments said:

    Dat ziet er lekker uit!! =D

  10. Noortje said:

    Was het ook lekker 🙂
    Jullie zien er mooi uit.

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