Malta… just relax!

Yesterday I came back from Malta. I had a great time doing totally nothing important ;-).
Just a bit sightseeing, swimming, sipping on cocktails and so on..

What you are looking at:
1. Zipping on a cocktail at the rooftop lounge 360 .
2. Valletta, Malta’s capital city, by night.
3. Relaxing at the pool!
4. Partying at David Guetta – Malta Open Air Special!

  1. Heeeerlijk, ik wil ook een zonvakantie! 😦

    Ben benieuwd naar meer foto’s!

  2. dimitri said:

    Yes just relax : it’s so nice ! Swimming, i love it.
    Love those pictures.

  3. Ricky said:

    -Just enjoying the view and the sun ofcourse!
    -David guetta….. What a night!
    -cocktails jummy =D

  4. Floor Geerlings said:

    Lovely pictures, hon! 🙂

  5. Noortje said:

    Als ik dit zie wordt ik heel jaloers.
    En David Guetta, Nice!!

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