Today’s the day to make some compliments

While we are raving on Solar Weekend 2011 we thought it would be a great day to make some compliments to our top 3 favourite bloggers of this moment.
So here they are;

1. University Lifestyle –
On the first place Julia, we love here blog because she always knows how to fascinate us with great architecture, outfits or amazing party’s. We think she is pure and real and we love her down to earth style. Julia lives in Spain and we have a big fancy for Spain.

2. Plutot la vie de Melanie –
On the second place our neighbor blogger Melanie from Belgium. We think she blogs so different from all the other bloggers. She is a beauty and has an unique sense of style. Her posts are full of inspiration and with an underlying message. In our opinion she is a warm and sensitive person derived from her posts and sweet comments she left us.

3. Your lifestyle Guide –
Last but definitely not least our compatriot Jolien. Jolien travels to the most amazing places in the world, has a great view on interior design, fashion and food. She mixes it all together and creates the most divergent posts that always surprise us. We love to read her post, to bad she is a little bit busy lately. On this moment she’s in Dubai and treats us with beautiful pictures.


You should definitely go and check those bloggers out yourself! Let us know what you think about them, our maybe you have a good tip for us about a blogger you think is amazing..

xoxo P&C

  1. Celeste said:

    Aaah wat een lief postje, inderdaad erg leuke blogs 🙂

    Maar dat is die van jullie ook ❤


  2. Noortje said:

    Wat een super blogs, thanks voor de tips 🙂

  3. thank you for stopping by my blog, and m delighted that you have visited the country i am living at the moment….i love this particular lake, and its very famous in Nepal.
    ur blog is interesting.

  4. dimitri said:

    Greats blogs, it’s so interesting.
    Nice selection.

  5. juls said:

    Omg!!!! Thankyou sooo much! I’m so impressed. Seriously THANKS! this means a lot 🙂 XOXO i’m linking this on Twitter

  6. Marijke said:

    Melanie heeft inderdaad een prachtige blog! De twee andere kende ik nog niet, ga ik zeker eens checken :).

  7. Wat ontzettend lief en leuk! Wat een mooie woorden! Echt, bedankt!
    Liefs uit Chiang Mai, Thailand

  8. Jantje said:

    Inderdaad leuke blogs, hoop dat je het leuk hebt gehad op solar! 🙂

  9. Eindelijk kan ik jullie eens ‘deftig’ bedanken! Hoe lief?! Ik was op reis en had jullie berichtje gezien, maar kon onmogelijk op jullie blog raken door de slechte internetverbinding… Nu heb ik het eindelijk gelezen en het maakt me zo blij dat ik er op mijn blog wel iets moest over schrijven :). Té lief zijn jullie xx

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