Festival Fever!

Solar weekend festival starts tomorrow. We bought our tickets weeks ago, so we’re happy it’s finally here! Unfortunately Cecile is not able to make it all three days, but Pien is and Cecile will join her on sunday. We are still looking for some inspiration for our outfits so let us know if you have any good ideas! These are some outfits from festival people we love…


  1. dimitri said:

    Nice looks and great pictures.
    Love the last outfit. Very stylish.

  2. winterkaelte said:

    beautiful, thanks for sharing..

  3. Britt said:

    Echt superleuke outfits! ❤ x

  4. laura said:

    de laatste 2 outfits zijn geweldig!

  5. Celeste said:

    Maandag wil ik fotootjes van jullie zien 🙂

  6. Noortje said:

    De 3e outfit is leuk!
    Ik hoop dat jullie het leuk hebben gehad en benieuwd naar wat de outfits zijn geworden!

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