Being on the razzle…

You already know, Cecile lives in Tilburg for her study. In the holiday’s she always goes home to her family and friends in the South. But as smart as she is, she forgot her passport, so she had to get back for her trip to L’amelie plage. Good news because the biggest fair in Holland is in Tilburg right now. We actually hate the attractions but the atmosphere and snugness in the cafe’s is great. So Cecile went out with one of her best friends Imke , to have a great night. To bad Pien is still on vacation, but next year she will be their for sure..
What do you think of fairs..?

  1. clemence said:

    Tilburg, the biggest fair in the Netherlands !!!!! You two are looking happy like little children ! Fair is nice for big girls, isn’t ??? 😉

  2. HAHAHA nee het was een Google ad spammetje die erbij stond waarschijnlijk zagen wij het als een fototje was een plaatje met alle briefgeld en het verdienen ervan.. Wij vonden het al raar voor jullie blog! (sta er nu niet meer op)


  3. Noortje said:

    Ik hou van kermissen.
    Wil altijd in de hoogste en engste attractie, maar niemand wil mee 😦

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