Every piece has it’s own story…

We all have those pieces that carry a special story to them. Today we went through our jewelry to show you our stories.
What are yours?

Elephant Necklace; found it for 1 euro in a little market during Queens day while having an amazing time with my friends.
 Omani pad mehun necklace; got it from my guest family while i was doing development aid in the Tibetan children village.
It has the saying “Omani pad mehun” on it, that means healthy life.
Pocket clock; got it from my granddaddy who passed away, it’s a real piece of art and it reminds me of him.

Necklace; bought it on my first development aid journey to Peru. The stone is obtained at the foot of the Machu Pichu. The Inca’s say this necklace protects you from all bad things in life
Handbag; bought on a little vintage market, from a well know Dutch stylist “Bastiaan van Schaijck”, he said he used it many times for photo shoots he styled.

  1. All is so beautiful.
    This pockett clock is absolutely great.

  2. phuong said:

    altijd leuk om te lezen wat voor herinneringen items voor iemand heeft, dat is namelijk ook vaak het mooist aan iets!

    Travel in Style

  3. Lyosha said:

    each is so very adorable! I love the ekephant brooch most of all

  4. Amy said:

    Oooh, love these pieces, ESPECIALLY the first one!!! Thanks so much for the comment on my blog and sure! Let’s follow each other! Following you now! Looking forward to your follow back 🙂


  5. Wauw wat een mooie verhalen achter je sieraden.
    Vooral de Omani pad mehun ketting vind ik super!

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