Viva Las Vegas!

A few days ago I went to ‘the entertainment capital of the world’ Las Vegas!
It was amazing and totally wicked. We checked out all the crazy hotels. For example: the MGM hotel with a lion habitat in it or The Venetian hotel where a fake Venice is build, completely with real gondola’s.
In my opinion the best hotel is The Cosmopolitan. Stylish, smooth and not as crowded as many other hotels.
What I didn’t like that much were the casino’s… although Vegas is known for them I thought it was kind of boring to just sit there in a casino while there are so many better things to do!
Well, let’s just take a look at the pictures. Hopefully you like them!

What you are looking at:
1. The strip at daytime
2. A delicious sundae from the Sugarfactory!
3. Being a real tourist inside the fashionable Cosmopolitan hotel.
4. Inside the Venetian hotel..!
5. At the strip at night!

I’ll keep you posted!

  1. Wow dat hotel ziet er leuk uit vanbinnen! Echt zoals in Venetië :).

  2. Those pictures are great !
    I like it so much. Thanks.

  3. Floor said:

    Lovely pictures, awesome city!

  4. Nienie said:

    Nice pictures. Weird city, gambling in the dessert but nice to see and to expierence.
    Seej you,

  5. Ricky said:

    Very nice photo’s! My world traveler P!
    Go and have fun you deserved it =)

  6. Ow Vegas, I love Vegas!
    Hoe heb je het gehad?
    Nog naar de Treasure Island show geweest?

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