L.A. – City of Angels

I didn’t have the chance yet to show you some of my adventures in the USA. So here’s my first post..
First of all I want to thank you for all your lovely comments on the ‘Of she goes to the USA’ post!
Los Angeles is different than I expected. It’s a very wide and large city. You really need a car there, luckily we rented one for the whole trip. Beverly Hills is as glamorous as it looks like. Especially the shops at Rodeo Drive… WOW!
If you ever go there make sure to check out the Prada store. An amazing piece of architecture!
Speaking about architecture… I thought one of the high-lights in L.A. is the Walt Disney Concert Hall.
I could write hours about everything I’ve done and saw but pictures speak more than thousand words right?

What you are looking at:
1. At the walk of fame with the star of Shrek!
2. Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. There were several quotes of designers on te sidewalks.
3. At Muscle Beach.. laughing, sunning, relaxing on the swing.
4. The streets of Los Angeles.
5. Amazing architecture, The Walt Disney Concert Hall!

I’ll keep you posted!

  1. Kiek said:

    Heel leuk! Mooie plaatjes.
    Liefs, Kiek.

  2. Kiek said:

    Dankjulliewel (:
    Elkaar volgen?

  3. love LA 🙂

    btw y es they are my real nails!

  4. Lovely pictures.
    Love L.A, it’s a wonderful city.

  5. Britt said:

    Ik ben vorige zomervakantie in La geweest! Leuke foto’s ❤

  6. Ricky said:

    Very cool! Have fun my love 😉

  7. Wat een leuke foto’s! En leuke post ;)!

    Dank je voor je reactie! Ik ben inderdaad heel blij met dat kanten topje, haha! Ga ‘m vast veel dragen! Poederroze is ook leuk zeg! X

  8. Ik ben er zelf ook geweest, super gaaf L.A.!
    Geniet er nog van!

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