We love Kelim carpet for his Kiboots

We’ve got them, these amazing Kelim Kiboots on the picture are ours. These beauty’s are made in Marocco out of kelim carpet and leather and each pair is unique. So there will be nobody in the whole wide world wearing the same kiboots as you. The best of all is that you can wear them with everything. In the winter over a pair of jeans, but first we are going to wear them this summer, during the festival season.

want to have your own kiboots? just order them here

  1. clemence said:

    Lucky girls, there are so may girls in this world and you have them !!!!!
    And they are very nice ☺ ☺

    • clemence said:

      not may but many, sorry !

  2. clemence said:

    sorry I mean many ofcourse

  3. brenda said:

    wauw, i’m jealous! How much did you pay for them? I’m still on the hunt..

  4. Juls said:

    I love that boot! I have always said that the day I go there I’ll buy a boots like this! xoxo

  5. Sonja said:

    Ze zijn erg tof!! Ben er zelf ook superblij mee :D!

  6. Super gaaf!
    Waar heb je die vandaan? Ben verliefd 🙂

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