And of she goes to the USA

Our holiday officially started and one of us is leaving tomorrow. Pien will fly to America to make a tour through California. She is packing her bags as we speak. But that doesn’t mean the blogging will stop for this summer because Cecile stays in the country till August. And best of all, Pien will do some live blogging from her USA Tour. We want to wish you all a great summer, make fun and enjoy, we definitely will..

Pien ❤ i’m gonna miss you, have a great time, xoxo cc

  1. Sabine said:

    Have fun Pienie! Looking forward to your blogposts life from the USA :)!
    And ofcourse I like to read your blogposts too Cecile 🙂

    Have a great holiday and we’ll see eachother next year!

    Hugs and kisses xxx


  2. brenda said:

    wauw have fun!! Keep us posted from there 🙂

  3. Juls said:

    have a nice time there!!!

  4. Jaloers, ik wil ook. heel veel plezier

  5. Hey Pien!!

    Heel erg veel plezier in Cali. Het is een prachtige staat!!!

    Ben benieuwd naar alle foto’s!


  6. Nien said:

    Pien and Cecile,
    I wish both of you a real nice holiday but I am looking forward to hear from you during your holidays.



  7. Veel plezier!!
    Ben jaloers 😉

  8. Yey! So exciting … enjoy Cali and looking forward to your post on the good ol’ America 😉

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