Gigi in the spotlights!

Gigi was born on 3 February 1990 in Eindhoven. She is only child and lives with her mother, father and dog “jackson” in Waalre. She has a boyfriend for 2,5 years now and spends a lot of time with him. Her Grandmother lives in Eindhoven but the rest of the family lives all over the world; Florida – America and Barcelona – Spain.
Gigi just finished her education Marketing and Communication at Schroevers educations. After that she started with the study International Lifestyle Studies, but had to quit in February and started with full time modeling.
To stay fit and keep her modelling body rockin’ Gigi works out at the fitness and loves to box. Her favorite holiday spot is Bali and Ibiza.

In 2010 Gigi participated in the Dutch program “Benelux next topmodel”. She managed to reach the 11th place out of more then 100 girls. After that she was asked for several assignments in Spain, The Netherlands and Germany. She had a couple of conversations with different agency’s but she choose the agency “de boekers” in Amsterdam.  Gigi hopes to continue the study International lifestyle Studies next year. She loves the modelling work but she definitely wants to finish a second education. For now she just wants to enjoy her work and keep on doing what makes her happy.

We met Gigi this year at school, since we are also studying International Lifestyle Studies. Gigi is not only beautiful but she is a real sweet girl with a heart of gold as well. We wish her all the luck with her modelling career and in live.

Gigi: “Live, laugh,love.. Sleep later! And never take more than you give” 

Assignments: Club Manhattan, Shoebaloo, Alexia v.d. Meijden, Michael Graste, Roya Hesam, Amsterdam International Fashion Week, Depeche, Elsien Gringhuis, Hunkemoller, Wella.

On Gigi’s agenda: casting for Hunkemoller, shoot in Scotland, casting for Bjorn Borg in Marocco.

Interested in booking Gigi for an assignment? Click here!

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