Inspiration – Shoe art

At the Arnhem Mode Biennale we saw an amazing exposition of Nicolas Kirkwood. Nicholas is a shoe designer born in Germany. After his art education he started working at the Philip Tracy’s London Store. Nicholas felt their was a gap in the market for statement shoes so he specialized in design statement shoes. From that time on his career made a big step forward and nowadays all the fashionlovers know him for his extreme shoes. We think his work is a real piece of art. Do you want to see his stunning work.. just click continue reading for the pictures.

  1. Asos heeeft GEWELDIGE ringen, maar bestellen op het net doen wij niet.. Wij willen kleding zien en voelen voordat wij het kopen (erg ouderwets).

    Geweldige schoenen; nummer 2 lijkt wel een beetje Iris van Herpen look a like:)


  2. Julia said:

    really! you did it! I’d always wanna go to India….how lucky you are!

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