Interior Design Bible

Planning on getting a new house, restyle your old one or just catch some inspiration? The Interior Design Bible is the perfect book for everyone who has ever dreamed of turning their house into a trendy and stylish home. This comprehensive guide is filled with expert advice on planning and personalizing your new look, and shows you how to put these plans into action to create your perfect space. Packed with fantastic tips and tricks for saving time and money, with The Interior Design Bible you’ll soon have the home of your dreams. The Bible is written by ideal home and despite the fact it was published in 2009, it’s still up to date because it’s so timeless.

  1. Oh hebbenhebbenhebben! The Selby is ook één van mijn favorieten!

  2. Floor said:

    Mooie foto’s, ben benieuwd naar de rest van het boek!

  3. Rianne said:

    Ooh die ga ik kopen..Voor als k weer eens in Swalmen / Roermond kom wonen ;D

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