Now & Wow – big, bigGER, BIGGEST!

Don’t know where to go in your summer holiday, maybe this is the right spot for you..
In the South American resort of San Alfonso del Mar in Chile is an EXTREME swimming pool located. It is 115 feet deep and 1km in length. The pool is filled with 250,000 cubic meters that is drawn in from the ocean at one end and pumped out at the other. Which makes it the biggest pool in the world! In this pool you can do some surfing, sailing, riding on a waterscooter and ofcourse swimming. In brief: one hell of a swimming experience! We’re definitely planning on going there some day, some how.

  1. Op de een of andere reden vind ik het nogal beangstigend eruit zien.. hihi! xx

  2. Joan said:

    Wow, ik sta hier met een mond vol tanden. Haha hoe groot en hoe vet is dat. :O

  3. Jolien said:

    Jeeeemig, dat is inderdaad big, bigger, biggest!

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