Italy – Milano

And another Italy post, this time about Milano. We’ve been to Milano several times now and to be honest with you we really think this city is overrated. Sure, it’s beautiful and it has great shops, but to actually do some shopping in those great shops you need a lot, really a lot, of money. The stores with a lower pice category are those we have all over the world and you can’t really find cute little boutiques like in Verona, for example. Besides that we think it’s a great city and definitely one you must visit at least once. But hey, that’s just our opinion. What do you think of Milano?

  1. Nien said:

    Yes, overrated! It really is. But most people are not that honest to say so. It is really nice shopping for the rich and the famous. By the way, people in Milano are hard workers. Go and see it yourself.

  2. Imke said:

    Overrated! Heb het zelf ervaren vorige week.. Allemaal veels te duur en indd helemaal geen leuke kleine boetiekjes!

  3. Darlings! Wederom een leuke post! Jullie stukjes over reizen zijn fun, ik kan wel overal een comment onder zetten, maar deze is alomvattend; Awesome blog lieve klasgenootjes 🙂

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