Copenhagen – shop ’till you drop!

Like we told you yesterday one of is in Copenhagen at the moment. Here’s another post about this fashionable city! Ofcourse she did some sightseeing, which was lovely don’t get us wrong. But what’s really interesting are the stores and ofcourse the MUST shopping places!
The best places to go shopping are around Ny Østergade and Strøget. At Strøget you find lots of chainstores like H&M & ZARA but also Danish chainstores which we don’t have at home. Around Ny Østergade you’ll find more expensive stores but also a lot of little local boutiques, which are the most fun! See it for yourself..

Shopping time!

Flying A, a little boutique around Ny Østergade.

The oldest tea shop (from 1835) in Denmark, A.C. Perch’s.

Shopping area at Strøget

  1. Angela said:

    Wat een leuke foto’s, nu wil ik ook een keer naar Denemarken!

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