Expert meeting – Cécile Narinx

Recently we had an interview with Cécile Narinx, editor in chief of the Dutch ELLE magazine.

Cécile’s first job at ELLE was as a text editor. “I learned a lot and worked as a text editor for five pleasant years”. She continued her carreer at ELLE by starting, together with former editor in chief José Rozenbroek, ELLEgirl a magazine for fashionable teens. After two years José Rozenbroek quit her job and since then Cécile is the editor in chief of ELLE magazine.

When we ask Cécile how ELLE is different from other Dutch fashion magazines she answered “ELLE is more daring and innovative. The idea of ELLE is that you can make your life beautiful in any way and everyone is able to find his or her own style”.
Ofcourse we asked her what she thinks of Dutch fashion. “I see a lot of improvement. Nowadays women are better updated about international fashion and they dare a lot more.
Unfortunately what they wear is often very cheap or they wear all the same. I’d wish women chose more quality and individuality. ELLE wants to show women which clothes are fashionable, but especially how you can wear it the way it suits your own style”.
Do you have a good advise for people who want to work in fashion? “Stay updated by reading international magazines as much as possible and visit a lot of websites. Start a blog and be original. Try to intern at many companies. And last but not least, work hard, be patient and dare”.

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