Catwalk for Cancer

Catwalk for Cancer is a foundation that wants to make young women they have or had cancer feel young, cool and pretty. On a Catwalk for Cancer day the participants are getting a treatment like a real fashion model. There is a styling, hair and make up team and the participants learn the in and outs on the runway. At the end of the day there will be a photoshoot, a beautiful gift where they can look back on for years, and see for them self what a powerfull, amazing person they are.

From experiences we can say cancer is an awful disease, and we are so thankful for a great initiative as this one. For all the beautiful women out there who have to deal with this.
For donations;  Catwalk for Cancer

  1. Nien said:

    Go Cecile, go. Ik hope you are one of the lucky girls who can have a fantastic day.
    See you!

  2. clemence said:

    Cecile, I hope so you get picked !!!!
    You know what’s it about !!!

    Love mom

  3. Great initiative! Cancer is everywhere, so this is an awesome fashionable way of getting some more attention for it!

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