AIFW – Monique Collignon

Because of personal reasons we weren’t able to visit the show of Monique Collignon, so we asked our friend Daniëlle to write a piece about it to keep you fashion lovers updated!

Hi there, my name is Daniëlle. Normally I write for my own blog but for this special occasion I write for my friends from soldoutforever!

Last friday I visited the fashion show of the prêt-à-porter collection of Monique Collignon.  The waiting hall was filled with celebrities and the runway was enormous. The lights went out and the music started. The models all wore sophisticated pieces, all perfectly suitable for a cocktail party, work or a night out. There were some really nice details on the clothing like this pants with a zipper running all the way down the leg or the one-shoulder-LBD. 

Overall I think Monique Collignon designed some really wearable pieces which are very accessible for a broad public. If you would ask me if the collection was innovative I would have to say no, but I still really enjoyed it and it was nice to see that Fashion Week is not only for Haute Couture.

  1. phuong said:

    geweldig dat je naar zoveel shows kon!

    • Ja 🙂 daar waren we ook heel blij om, het was echt een super ervaring!!


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