AIFW – Gomes Esser Design & Musa Shah

Gomes Esser Design

The design partners Denise Esser and Aleyda Gomes both gratuated at Artemis Fashion Academy in 2005. A returning theme in their work is a hint of surrealisme where the underlaying thought is that nothing is what it seems to be. Most used colours in the collection were silver and black. The cutting was real sharp. They added details like fur, leather, see through and iron. The make-up of the models was very plain but they all wore iron headbands. A piece of this collection is definitely on our wishlist.

Musa Shah

Musa Shah gratuaded a year ago in fashion design at the”Willem de Koning Academy”. His designs were previously shown at Shanghai Fashion Week and the ‘2010 Lichtingshow’, where the collections were received with great enthusiasm. He takes inspiration from art and daily rituals. This resulted in a poetic and clean menswear collection. He used soft colours, silk and most of the items were square cutted. Being a promising fashion designer Musa Shah is supported by the Rotterdam Base Art Institution “de nieuwe oogst”.


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