AIFW – Roya Hesam & ZEM by Samira Algoe

Roya Hesam

Roya Hesam gratuated in 2010 at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and shows here collection at AIFW for the first time. She was inspired by Polynesian nature and art. In the collection we saw a lot of see trough textures and necklaces made out of ivory. She added lots of details like frayed ends, layers and stiches. The models all had a so called fish-bone knot and Polynesian inspired paintings on their faces. A designer you should definitely keep track of.

Zem by Samira Algoe

Samira Algoe started the Label (menswear) ZEM right away after her study at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. Her focus point is to rediscover the typical menswear. She used a lot of jogging texture and texture that looked like paper. The colors she used were all cool like white, grey and light blue. All the models had a “frozen” look on their hair and eyebrows. This collection wasn’t really our taste but the unexpected use of “paper” was inspiring. 

  1. Nien said:

    Looks like Robin Hood with the white leggings. But I like his make-up. Really new, rear and refreshing. Have a good one!

  2. clemence said:

    De vrouwelijke modellen zien er super uit, de mannelijke té vrouwelijk naar mijn smaak.
    Wil hier best wel een “piece”van hebben in mijn kleerkast !

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